Keyloop and CitNOW Group have signed a new agreement to broaden and extend their long-term partnership. All CitNOW Group businesses will now become part of the Keyloop international partner ecosystem improving dealers’ access to advanced functionality from both companies, as well as facilitating the exchange of data between systems.  

CitNOW Group has renewed and expanded its partnership so it can continue to deliver its eco-system of innovative digital solutions across Keyloop’s customer network in the UK and Europe, in particular across Northern Europe, Italy and Germany.  

Keyloop and CitNOW Group have an aligned vision to provide the ultimate customer experience, fostering long-term relationships and trust between customers and dealerships, and simplifying processes for retailers. This partnership will enable CitNOW Group to enhance its solutions, with a specific focus on workshop efficiencies.   

Alistair Horsburgh, Group Chief Strategy Officer of CitNOW Group, comments: “Our vision is to provide solutions that drive efficiencies to seamlessly transform the customer experience, which is aligned to Keyloop’s fresh and customer-centric ‘Experience-First’ positioning. The partnership extension underlines our commitment to making the lives of our retailers, and their customers, easier. It also gives us the ability to leverage relationships with, and improve value for, those customers that we share with Keyloop.”  

The Keyloop partner ecosystem has been created to foster collaboration and build an exceptional Experience-First platform for retailers and manufacturers alike. Keyloop has built a globally connected network of innovation for the automotive industry, handpicking partners to co-create distinctive consumer journeys; seamless, best-in-class integration; frictionless interactions for consumers; unified data and enhanced process efficiencies. CitNOW Group’s renewal is a testament to the power and reach of this ecosystem.   

“It is great news that CitNOW Group is continuing as one of the key members of our partner network,” concludes Harvey, Chief Alliances Officer of Keyloop. “Our partners are hugely important to us as they help extend the solutions that we can offer country to country. We truly collaborate with each partner to ensure retailers and OEMs deliver seamless and exceptional experiences to their customers, and they are a key part of Keyloop’s transformation. 

“Extending our partnership with CitNOW Group is especially edifying as our values and ethos are closely aligned. Both companies are focused on harnessing and unlocking technology to help retailers deliver excellent service.”