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Welcome to CitNOW GROUP

Created to leverage innovation and help retailers and manufacturers deliver an outstanding customer experience, CitNOW Group is driven by the vision to transform the way the automotive world communicates.

The CitNOW Group offers multiple services for the various stages of customer journey. Find out about each service through our Brands & Solutions page.

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The latest news from across the Group

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Retailers missing out on aftersales revenue by not offering online booking service

CitNOW Group has further expanded its operational footprint with the acquisition of Auto Imaging, a leading provider of digital solutions for the UK motor industry.

CitNOW Group: Uniting Customers and Retailers Through Technology 2022 Report

In our latest report, we explore how to seamlessly and efficiently unite the retailer and customer to engage and exceed customer expectations.

CitNOW Group: technology to maximise your sales and aftersales processes

Integrating the right technology into your processes is key to maximising your conversions and profitability. Discover how CitNOW Group’s solutions can help.