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Welcome to CitNOW Group

Created to leverage innovation and help retailers and manufacturers deliver an outstanding customer experience, CitNOW Group is driven by the vision to transform the way the automotive world communicates.

The CitNOW Group offers multiple services for the various stages of customer journey. Find out about each service through our Brands & Solutions page.

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The latest news from across the Group

Auto Talk from CitNOW Group

Opportunities to focus in and deliver improved performance in Aftersales

Closing off Q1 showed broadly stable results across KPIs, but by looking back at how Q1 2024 compared to Q1 2023 we discuss what this can mean for the retail network and where new opportunities may exist.

Enhancing Customer Engagement & Retailer Efficiency

Why 2024 is looking like the year of the used car

Our latest data highlights a surge in demand for pre-owned vehicles, accounting for 57% of enquiries in April, compared to just 43% for new cars, indicating there’s plenty of opportunity to take advantage of this latest trend.

Auto Talk from CitNOW Group

Enhancing used car profit: accelerate the remarketing process

Once a retailer has added a used vehicle to its inventory, the number of days it takes to bring it to market is one of the most crucial things it can influence from a profitability perspective.