Welcome to CitNOW Group

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Welcome to CitNOW Group

Created to leverage innovation and help retailers and manufacturers deliver an outstanding customer experience, CitNOW Group is driven by the vision to transform the way the automotive world communicates.

The CitNOW Group offers multiple services for the various stages of customer journey. Find out about each service through our Brands & Solutions page.

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The latest news from across the Group

Auto Talk from CitNOW Group

Meeting the ZEV targets in 2024 – an enquiry management advantage

Generating Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) leads and converting them successfully to support OEMs hit targets will be essential for many retailers. Success represents a compelling opportunity.

Accelerate aftersales: insights to optimise efficiency

In today’s rapidly changing marketplace it may be time for some fresh thinking to energise your aftersales approach. Read on for our best practice tips to help optimise performance and efficiency.

CitNOW Group appoints new CEO to drive growth and innovation  

CitNOW Group has announced changes to its senior leadership team, with Geoffrey Page-Morris moving into the role of Deputy Chairman position and Boris Huard taking on the position of CitNOW Group CEO.