About us

Connected Dots

CitNOW Group provides innovative solutions that unite customers and retailers to provide improved customer experiences, using technology as the key enabler.

Our products enable better customer management and enhanced customer interaction through personalised digital communication platforms.

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Transforming automotive experiences

Through our technical leadership we provide products that digitise every stage of the customer journey – from initial research through to the aftersales experience. Our solutions efficiently streamline customers’ sales and aftersales experiences while also providing retailers with valuable data and insights.

Guided by a vision to transform the way the automotive world communicates, CitNOW Group focuses on customer success to support retailers in maximising conversion, satisfaction and retention. We make our technology work for you and your customers.

CitNOW Group comprises Auto Imaging, AutoSLM, CitNOW, dealerdesk, Dealerweb, Quik, Reef, REALtime Communications (RTC), Tootle and Web1on1. Our span is global with a presence in 64 countries with over 15,000 users and a number of partnerships with complimentary automotive suppliers.

Our heritage

CitNOW is known for creating automotive video and transforming the way sales and aftersales departments communicate with their customers. We are proud of the accolades and awards we have won over the years and recognised that to continue to drive innovation and deliver on our vision to transform the way the automotive world communicates we needed to widen our portfolio of products.

In 2021 we formed CitNOW Group and have since invested in several businesses that focus on the sales and aftersales experience to enable efficient back-end dealership processes and digital communication applications to deliver the best possible customer experience, sell more cars and services and build a loyal customer base.