Vehicle Imaging for Group, Fleet, OEM and Independents

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Auto Imaging has been favoured by large groups and OEMs across the United Kingdom and internationally since its release in 2018. Offering a full suite of products, designed to complement each other and the retail dealership workflow, the product range covers a variety of needs to bring the customer experience to an enhanced level.

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Offer premium quality assets with HDR Images on iOS or via SLR integration. Provide bespoke Image Maps/Ghosts for custom aggregation and intelligent Lens Selection for telephoto and wide screen to help capture optimal images.

Automated & Walkaround Videos

Create an immersive experience through 360 videos, providing buyers with a virtual walkaround, without leaving their device. Featured and personalised videos further enhance the experience by forming relationships early in the customer’s journey.

My Showroom

Instant personal video to engage with your customer’s during the most important moments. Bring immersive content from divisional/group libraries and gain a better overview through an intuitive dashboard with built easy to use analytics.

Live Q&A and Real Time Feedback

Live QA and real time in app feedback. Everyone can now take professional looking images thanks to photography training within the app after every image.

Digital Backdrops

Professional Digital Backgrounds to deliver consistent on-brand images. Editing is available on images captured both internally and externally. Uploading to online channels can be done automatically for streamlined and enhanced workflows.

Vehicle Asset Management Dashboard

Ensure the correct image ratio for individual retailer or group standards are met. Shot Lists from DMS or Marketing Portals help make use of retailer actions, history, audit, feed monitoring and more, giving you full control of the process.

Valeting Integration

We have partnered with Secure Valeting to create a Digital Sync to portal. This means photos are uploaded at point of valet to make asset management easy and fast.

Production Days

Whether you need used car intro & outro bumpers, drone overviews and music / voiceover / branding, personalised video sales team introductions or web adverts, we provide the resources to help you deliver the right experience for your brand.