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Connected Dots

Launched in 2018 initially as call center software, dealerdesk saw massive growth enabling business expansion into a completely new product, focussing on delivering a full-fledged digital working space for car retailers. In 2020 the platform was completely rebuilt and renamed to dealerdesk 10.

It now provides over 200 dealers in Germany, across more than 600 different locations and 13,000 users, with an efficient, multi-channel environment for enhanced customer communications.

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Lead management

A fast and easy way to capture all leads in one place and automatically allocate them across the sales team. Automation helps give the customer the fast reaction time they expect, helping a retailer stay one step ahead of the competition.

Case management

Customer entry points from different channels can be collected and distributed. It doesn’t matter if it’s through phone call, e-mail, contact form, WhatsApp etc. With intelligent escalation steps, no request is left unchecked.


It’s easy to interact with a customer from E-Mail, phone, via SMS, WhatsApp or video chat – all in one place. Since the platform is also mobile intuitive, it’s easy to use the preferred contact method of the customer at every location for the best customer journey.


A variety of tools help keep the current status in check, making it easy to compare and analyse all the data provided through the platform. View everything from general sales journey developments, to employee progress.

Leasing and financing

Collate all finance related data in one place. Each finance contract is analysed and connected to the associate user automatically when the right stage is reached, ensuring full process transparency and fulfilment.

Data Integration

With an open REST API, incoming formats and more, there is almost no limit when it comes to third party products to connect to the dealerdesk platform.