Woman watching sunset over tress, with CitNOW Group logo in corner

At CitNOW Group, we are committed to supporting the automotive industry in driving their sustainability goals.

Through our suite of best-in-class digital products, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our customers, creating an important foundation in the way we do business.


CitNOW Group have a market leading employer value proposition which includes green initiatives for our UK team such as our Cycle2Work scheme, encouraging employees to ride bicycles to work more frequently than they drive or take public transportation. In addition, the group also offers an Electric Vehicle scheme to support our impact on the environment.

The group have completed an office refurbishment with an organisation who are committed to planting trees to match the scale of the refurbishment. In our case the Scottish Highlands has grown by over 3,500 sqft, creating homes for wildlife and forests for the future. Our green initiatives don’t stop there, we have ambitious plans to reduce our environmental impact and carbon emissions. We also prioritise the recycling of office waste and technical equipment.


CitNOW Group has been recognised as within the Top 25 Best mid-sized Companies to work for within the UK, awarded a ‘Very Good’ rating by Best Companies. The CitNOW Group is committed to an inclusive work culture where everyone is valued for their individual contribution, with an equal opportunities approach to recruitment, progression and training.

Giving something back is important to our team, we support our employees with two days paid leave per year to volunteer for a charity of their choice, along with our ongoing partnerships with charities in our local communities. The business proudly sponsors a club called Digital Skills for Girls in Stirling by funding equipment and travel expenses to encourage more women to pursue a career in technology.

The CitNOW Group is committed to providing a healthy working environment and resources that foster a holistic approach to employee wellbeing for all. The

foundation of our people strategy and employer value proposition is employee wellbeing, with 88% of employees citing that they felt the company cared about their personal wellbeing. The CitNOW Group has a geographically diverse workforce. The wellbeing strategy and associated initiatives, aim to reflect this diversity by ensuring remote participation is available to all.


Our approach to governance sets us apart. CitNOW Group respects the privacy and value of our customers data, as well as the trust our customers place in us. We have therefore assured the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of our services and customers data by achieving ISO 27001 UKAS accreditations for the whole Group.

We partner with recognised external auditors to check our Compliance against the Regulations and Standards which we aim to achieve.

At CitNOW Group, we conduct business with integrity and base our business practises on our company values. We exercise accountability and maintain a high level of ethics within our anti-bribery, whistleblowing, and modern slavery policies.