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CitNOW launched in 2008 to offer personalised video communication to dealerships and has grown to become one of the most trusted, staple tools of the automotive industry. CitNOW provides robust digital communications solutions that are easy to use and integrated with the most commonly found dealership software and DMS’s. With over 44 OEM’s onboard and an average of over 1 million videos processed each month, CitNOW is known for its value in helping build trust and transparency and enhancing the customer experience in all areas of their automotive retailing experience.

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Much of the buying journey now takes place at home, making it essential to bring the dealership to the customer and bridge the offline to online gap. CitNOW Sales provides personalised video communication tools, through recorded and live video, including a dashboard incorporating many features such as performance reporting to help maximise use and analyse trends.


With 87% of customers researching vehicles online, high quality images, video and 360° views are essential to creating early engagement and helping nurture leads in this critical part of the journey. CitNOW Web is designed with speed in mind, to bring stock assets online the same day a vehicle arrives on site and seamlessly integrates with popular online listing platforms and retailer DMS’s.


Create trust and increase workshop conversions, simultaneously empowering the customer to take control for quick and simple decisions is achieved with personalised video in the workshop. Personalised video brings the customer digitally to the workshop, with integrations designed to help make purchase decisions faster and easier and reduce the time a vehicle spends on the ramp.


Quick, clear and efficient communication is important when dealing with condition assessments, improving workflows and reducing time where vehicle progress would otherwise be stalled, taking up valuable space and time. Video helps provide a faster and more transparent communication process.