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RTC Real Time Communications

Formed in 2001, REALtime Communications (RTC) are specialists in aftersales processes and retail data across dealerships and dealer groups. Over 20 years’ experience of developing software that streamlines retailer processes, increases profitability, reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction. Working with over 1,000 retailers and a number of OEMs, RTC has established a reputation for driving continual improvements for the automotive industry.

Retailers benefit from efficiency and productivity gains, helping them keep pace as the automotive industry rapidly evolves. RTC’s open-platform technology helps to facilitate integration, connecting to over 40 industry partners including DMS providers with full read/write functionality.  RTC supports retailers with over 3 million eVHC completions each year, as well a wide range of additional services from Online Check In, Workshop Management, Vehicle Inspections and more.

Three people stood in a car showroom between two cars. One person is a salesman, the other two are customers.



Electronic vehicle health check (EVHC) systems support your retailers to identify, track and advise your customers regarding additional repair, upsell and deferred opportunities. All centrally managed and tracked, your customers can be contacted with ease to support your retailer increase aftersales revenue.


A complete solution for your Aftersales team. Book service and repair work, utilise full eVHC, track all jobs in place through Workshop Management and create full outbound campaigns to maximise your service opportunities.


A range of add-on options for your REALaftersales package. Various tools can be configured, allowing your customer to interact with your retailer online removing need for physical paper based job cards – creating a fully digital experience for your business and customer, saving you time and money in the process.