Auto Talk at CitNOW Group
Auto Talk at CitNOW Group

Red and Amber Work - the Open Goal Opportunity 

From missed red work alone, dealers are losing £170K pa income per dealer rooftop  – let’s change that.

70% of retailers believe that their aftersales teams could be missing out on £170k pa of red work revenue. 

As retailers start the year, the positive takeaway is that an open goal opportunity is available to many in the industry. The crucial next step is to convert more identified aftersales opportunities from theoretical chance to actual income. 

Understanding the current reality of red and amber work performance at a dealer level starts with data. The perfect step is to benchmark performances against our extensive data bank collected from dealers of all sizes and locations. Data from our RTC Insights team is helping a growing number of dealers understand their current performance levels, which means they can identify gaps between poor, average, or best-in-class. The simple task of identifying the gaps is the starting point for improvement.  

At AM Live in November, we shared some best practice areas for red work that can help form the basis for improvement because they are designed to contribute to addressing performance gaps. These include some or all the following; 

  • Monitor team and individual performance consistently – individual and benchmarking of performance is an effective way of identifying best practices and training needs. 
  • Identifying the best time to contact customers – capturing customers’ preferred contact methods and times is a highly effective way of improving engagement and response levels.
  • Track technician utilisation – this can ensure time is optimised and helps to ensure the right skills are allocated to the right job. 
  • Taking time on each eVHC to identify safety issues accurately is a duty of care to the customer. Our analysis reveals that the sweet spot for eVHCs identifying work is 16 minutes. Spending less time meant less work identified; however, spending more time yielded no additional benefit. 
  • Using video, such as CitNOW Workshop, to reveal the safety work identified to each customer brings concerns to life; crucially, it also helps cultivate a transparent connection centred upon care. 
  • Analysing declined red work to understand why identified safety work was not undertaken for the customer. It is important to stress that recording the reason given by the customer accurately is essential. 
  • Assessing the time spent per vehicle on the tasks identifiedit is an excellent way of finding marginal productivity gains.

Across these opportunities for improvement, the CitNOW Group ecosystem has tools and expertise that can help. 

From our experience, getting these basics right consistently is a critical success factor in creating value for the customer that converts the opportunity into reality. How eVHCs are undertaken creates an authentic picture and customer care that can make all the difference. Accuracy of reporting, supported by video and considered dialogue, is critical. 

At its heart is a simple ethos – promoting customer safety and convenience.  

A New Year can often be the platform for a personal and professional reboot, an opportunity to be the best version of ourselves. If you are keen to realise the potential of a £170K increase in turnover simply by enabling your business to be more productive, we should be talking. 

We can help and would be delighted to have the opportunity to make a positive impact.  

To find out more about how CitNOW Group can support you in the year ahead, contact us today.