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Auto Talk at CitNOW Group

Meeting the ZEV Targets in 2024

Recently, there has been a lot of industry discussion around the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) mandate and the implications for OEMs who do not meet the targets. We understand the challenge facing OEMs and their retail networks to deliver on the target and avoid fines and the team across CitNOW Group has been putting some thought into how we can help retailers promote BEVs and close more customers.

Building customer confidence, robust processes, and quality data can deliver a compelling support proposition. This is first of a series of articles showcasing ideas and support CitNOW Group can provide.

Building customer confidence in BEVs

According to one of the UK’s most recognisable car sales websites, there is plenty of consumer interest in BEVs, but this is not yet converting into sales. Similarly, another prominent site suggests that buyers take over a week longer to research a BEV purchase than an ICE car before making a buying decision. Potential buyers, it appears, need that extra time to find the information they need to address the emotional and logical information they need to move from interest to action.

It is where virtual, retailer branded sales support can help bridge the confidence gap, helping their customers, themselves and their OEM partners.

Utilising video

It is easy to forget the rapid learning curve that a new BEV owner faces. Many centre on charging, but even a simple ‘how do I know when my car has started because there is no sound’ represents an opportunity to help. Walk in those people’s shoes, some of whom may be too embarrassed by the simplicity of their knowledge gap, and address their concerns in carefully considered, personable videos. With CitNOW’s proven video capability, creating a professional-looking and compelling video is easy.

Personal videos

If you are already familiar with CitNOW Sales in your showroom, you will know the power of video to deliver detailed and accessible information. Utilise CitNOW Sales to respond to enquiries and spend some time addressing some of the most common concerns surrounding BEVs whilst presenting the vehicle they are interested in. Consider the language you use, keeping it jargon free and simple will significantly enhance the customer experience and help them to feel more comfortable with this new power train. We have some excellent video tips available.

Video purpose

CitNOW Sales includes the ability to create different video purposes. Create a video purpose specific to BEVs and you could benefit from an email template that focuses on addressing the benefits of a BEV and dispels some of the myths.

CitNOW Sales also offers the ability to utilise the pre- or post-roll of the video – essentially the automatically applied beginning or end to a personalised video. This can be an effective option when communicating with a customer on a brand-new model you don’t yet have in stock by stitching together brand images to keep the anticipation of the model fresh and visual with the customer.

In summary

By adding this level of educational content and reassurance to video, retailers can make themselves stand out from the crowd, position themselves as subject experts, reduce customer concerns, building compelling value in their knowledge, empathy and ethos, and most importantly trust.

Next in this ZEV retailer and OEM support series will be the how sales and enquiry management can be used as a sales toolkit to help retailers embrace the ZEV challenge positively.

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