CitNOW Dealerweb integration
CitNOW Dealerweb integration

CitNOW and Dealerweb integrate tech

CitNOW and Dealerweb, both part of the CitNOW Group, have integrated elements of their flagship systems to help retailers streamline the management of customer data, enhance the customer journey, and improve conversion rates for new and used car sales.

  • Retailers gain unified view of the customer across different systems
  • Dealerweb Showroom users can now create,share and monitor personalised CitNOW videos from the platform
  • Digital CitNOW Web assets can be included in customer responses sent via Dealerweb React
  • Integration delivers on CitNOW Group ambition to help retailers provide seamless customer experiences

The integration of CitNOW Sales into Dealerweb Showroom allows retail staff to easily create, share and monitor personalised videos from within the enquiry management system. The Dealerweb Showroom platform is a ‘hub’ for sales teams and with this integration it becomes an even more useful tool by allowing retailers to see and monitor their customer’s video interactions.

A further integration between Dealerweb React and CitNOW’s Web application enables the sharing of digital assets, including vehicle images, video and 360, between the two systems. This allows salespeople to create more asset-rich personalised communications quickly and easily as part of their initial response.

A recent survey conducted by the CitNOW Group highlights the importance of reacting quickly to customer enquiries. It found that after car buyers enquire about a vehicle, there is an expectation to receive a response from dealerships within three hours. 27% of car buyers think a response between one to three hours after enquiry is sufficient, whereas 24% would ideally prefer a response within 30 minutes. The integration enables those using Dealerweb React to respond instantly to customers with a range of assets, helping them exceed these expectations and improve the overall experience.

“We’re bringing together these best-of-breed solutions to make the enquiry management process more streamlined, helping sales staff be more efficient and effective. That starts with a unified view of the customer, but it’s also about optimising the functionality of the systems from both companies through seamless integration. The result is an approach that delivers much more than the sum of the individual parts.”

James Hill
Managing Director at Dealerweb


This initiative delivers on the CitNOW Group’s ambition to broaden the reach, functionality, and flexibility of the company’s digital communications tools, and transform the way the automotive world communicates. The Group, which acquired Dealerweb in December 2020, also includes Tootle and Reef Business Systems in the UK and Quik in the US. Its overarching goal is to develop technologies that streamline and enrich the sales process, for the benefit of retailers and consumers alike.

“This forms part of our broader effort to improve efficiency in automotive retailing through effective digital communications. Customers expect ‘joined up’ communications from their dealer – from the first sales enquiry through to aftersales interactions – and it’s clear that, when this works well, the result is improved loyalty and better sales conversion.”

Geoffrey Page-Morris
CEO at CitNOW Group

Further findings from CitNOW’s latest report, ‘The Ultimate Digital Customer Journey’, can be viewed via the link below.