Auto Talk at CitNOW Group
Auto Talk at CitNOW Group

The Emerging Role of AI in Car Retailing in 2024

Enhancing productivity and the customer experience 

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology has been around for a while now, with tools such as Alexa and Siri and voice command navigation technology in cars used daily by many people. Increasingly, the retail motor industry is looking at the potential of the technology to enhance their proposition and operating models. 

CitNOW Group aims to be at the forefront in leading the use of AI applications and tools. In 2024, dealers can expect to benefit from a series of AI product innovations designed to support sales and aftersales. In fact, many dealers are already using CitNOW Group AI technology through the Group’s Auto Imaging business, where AI imagery, quality control & real-time feedback are well established.  

In 2024, Auto Imaging’s AI capabilities will accelerate further, taking time out of the video process for new and used cars and allowing potential customers to see vehicles in greater detail than ever, with key external and interior features highlighted. Bringing this detail to life will be available to customers 24/7.  

This additional visualisation available through Auto Imaging’s new technology may give some customers everything they need to make a purchase decision. However, for many more, we expect it to be an imaginative addition that will enhance a customer’s journey and dealer perception, helping to take their interest in a car and dealer into affirmative action.  

As well as exploring the potential uses for AI technology, we will continue to de-mystify and share insights on the practical applications we see emerging for car retailing and aftersales in the coming year.  

The immediate opportunities we see across our brand ecosystem are taking time out of repetitive processes, providing an additional communication platform to enhance the customer experience, capturing additional customer data, and improving car inspection and repair experiences. In short, the immediate opportunities lie in improved productivity, greater process consistency and, crucially, the chance to enhance the customer experience and ownership journey. 

The potential for a car to be sold entirely by AI is feasible, but an online-only purchase journey is already possible today. What has been learned through the increase in digital tools for car retailers and buyers is that for many buyers, the omnichannel experience is most valued. AI can help to improve the experience, particularly for buyers most comfortable with technology. However, for many others, it will be a complementary tool that increases the value of face-to-face dialogue. 

Auto Imaging’s new AI capabilities are exciting; the prospect of greater efficiency and an enhanced customer experience available 24/7 is compelling. We welcome the opportunity to discuss its use and positive impact, and as per our belief in an omnichannel, we are still delighted to talk about it face to face.

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