CitNOW Group: transforming the automotive customer experience

Customer expectations are changing all the time, but one certainty is that the demand for outstanding offline and online buying experiences is growing at pace. There’s a clear desire for more convenient, consistent, and connected experiences from start to finish, with personalisation becoming as much of a differentiator as a retailer’s products or services – and the automotive industry is no exception to this.

By the time a customer reaches out to a retailer, it’s highly likely that they’ve conducted their own extensive research. They already know what vehicle they want, how they will finance it, and the estimated value of their part exchange. At the same time, the automotive industry is currently undergoing a major transformation, with OEMs moving towards the agency model, a transition to electric vehicles, and an increased use of online services.

All these factors mean that back-end processes and supporting technology may need to change in order to meet customer expectations.

Connecting the dots

The CitNOW Group possesses a strong portfolio of technology products that help unite retailers and customers. Our solutions streamline customers’ sales and aftersales experiences, while also providing retailers with valuable data and insights.

Guided by a vision to transform the way the automotive world communicates, the CitNOW Group places focus on the needs of the customer to maximise conversion, satisfaction and retention. We achieve this by digitising every stage of the customer journey, from initial research to potential purchase, and through the ongoing aftersales experience.

Supported by unrivalled insights, reporting, and integration tools, retailers can take control of their processes and systems. This enables them to effectively deliver blended experiences according to individual customers’ needs and preferences. And in a data driven world, investing in a suite of solutions brings value in other areas, ensuring optimum efficiency and the early identification of any untapped revenue generation opportunities.

An innovative group of companies

The CitNOW Group’s solutions are used in 64 countries all over the world. In the UK, the Group currently comprises:

  • Auto Imaging – Vehicle imaging software solutions that help franchised dealers create high-quality digital assets for vehicle stock both new and used. They can benefit from pro-grade vehicle imagery, stock web video, personalised video, live QA, real-time in-app feedback, and digital backdrop replacement. Stock feed integrations and APIs help dealers leverage this content seamlessly into online listings.
  • CitNOW – Through a range of app-based products, CitNOW adds transparency and personalisation to car buying and owning experiences. It can also help in improving sales and aftersales processes to increase customer loyalty, revenue and stock turnover. Products include Web (capturing and distributing pro-quality online assets); Sales (personalised video communications from the showroom); Workshop (personalised video vehicle health checks); and Bodyshop (video-based vehicle condition assessments).
  • Dealerweb – An enquiry and lead management platform that helps manage and track showroom activity and customer engagement, supporting smoother back-office workflows and processes. The core Dealerweb product, Showroom, is a modular platform enabling sales departments to manage customer enquiries, configure vehicles, build orders, administer finance applications and plan outbound marketing campaigns; reporting facilities allow success to be quantified in real-time productivity and profit figures. All this is managed within the internal platform or through seamless integration with third-party suppliers. Dealerweb React is a web-based system for capturing, managing and responding to web-sourced leads.
  • REALtime Communications (RTC) – Specialising in development and deployment software for retailers that streamlines sales lead management and aftersales operations. Products include REALsales (customer and prospect interaction management); REALinsights (data analytics that track real-time performance across all departments); REALstorage (digital document storage); REALevhc (electronic vehicle health checks); and REALaftersales (end-to-end workshop process management).
  • Tootle – An online part exchange vehicle appraisal tool that helps customers and retailers alike reach fair and accurate valuations and condition appraisals. Tootle uses cap hpi for an initial valuation, after which customers are alerted if their expected valuation exceeds the recommended industry estimate. Customers can upload digital assets onto a secure platform so that retailers can provide an accurate appraisal and valuation before a customer visits a retailer. Tootle can be used independently through a bespoke retailer URL or through integration with Dealerweb and CitNOW Sales video presentation pages.
  • Web1on1 – Web1on1 is Europe’s leading messaging solution with its Automotive Conversations Platform and fully conversational Messaging Contact Centre. The Web1on1 platform supports live chat, WhatsApp and chatbots – all that is needed for instant and easy communication through the channel that best suits the car buyers and owners.
In summary

The best way to improve the customer sales and aftersales experience is to join the dots and deploy multiple interconnected solutions within the automotive ecosystem. That is the philosophy at the heart of the CitNOW Group of services and solutions, helping truly unite the customer and retailer through the right technology that transforms the customer experience.

Click here to learn more about our comprehensive suite of solutions. Additionally, visit us at AM Live on 10th November for a demonstration of how CitNOW Group can align with your processes and deliver the ultimate customer experience.