Personalised digital communication experts

Personalised digital communication is vital for bridging the online to offline customer experience. CitNOW’s app-based platform provides a secure, brand-compliant solution for quick and easy digital asset capture and distribution and personalised video services for your showroom and workshop customers – so you can start building trust, transparency and long-lasting relationships.


Experts in automotive enquiry management

Dealerweb offers automotive sales and lead management systems, proven to make a difference in the showroom. Developed by automotive professionals with over 70 years of industry experience, the software is equipped to support the exacting and demanding requirements of the modern dealer.


Customer communication software platform

Quik. is an end-to-end SaaS solution for digital multi-point inspections, video, parts pricing and availability, customer communications and online payments that fully integrates with existing dealership management systems. Helps boost the average repair order value and increase future sales.


Showroom and dealer management software

Reef Business Systems is a provider of showroom and dealer management software. A suite of tools designed for dealer profitability, providing effective deal management, simple data capture and equity calculations for real time stock profiling. An easy environment within which to manage leads effectively.


Online part exchange appraisals made simple

Tootle simplifies the entire part exchange process, providing a platform to your customers for accurate part exchange appraisals in a single, efficient, branded experience. Tootle allows you to view images, videos and panel graders of the car to be part exchanged and can manage offers directly via your Tootle dashboard.


Europe’s leading automotive messaging platform

Web1on1 hosts Europe’s leading Automotive Conversations Platform. All-In Messaging future-proofs your dealership so you can delight tomorrow’s customers as well as today’s with a better and more efficient experience. Web1on1 are Europe’s first fully conversational Messaging Contact Center.