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Created in 2012, AutoSLM integrates with many parties to help make life in the dealership easier and more effective. As a team of automotive specialists who understand the sales process from start to finish and everything in between, you receive the very best in expertise and experience. Collaboration with manufacturers, dealer groups and individual dealerships helps provide a continually growing ecosystem to help increase vehicle sales and process with an easy-to-use system.

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A fully customisable system, integrated with other backend systems for maximum flexibility. Designed for ease of use to help keep the focus on the sales journey, the system is intuitive for any level of user.


Available as a stand-alone product or a module in AutoSLM CRM, Lead Tracker runs alongside your current DMS, Lead Management or CRM system, to efficiently manage all of your online enquiries – generated via email, portals such as Autotrader or your own website.


Designed to help increase footfall and sales, dealerships provide the customer offer, data and team details. ProACT events then manage the data, email/SMS invitations, training, coaching and calling required to improve the success of events.


AutoPixels is a photo enhancement and stock feed service for dealers needing to automate stock loading. Standard photographs, taken almost anywhere, are enhanced and standardised where required, against defined backdrops, CI requirements or branding. Vehicle images will look professional and consistent.

Dealer Hub

Dealerhub specialises in passing sales lead data from websites, call centres or any other source, passing it into a sales lead management system or DMS / CRM system.

Dealer Hub links stand alone applications allowing them to communicate with one another, integrating to your current system and offering more functionality to your dealership. All sales leads, vehicle and customer information to be exchanged between third party applications such as websites, SLM, CRM and DMS’s.

Bespoke Development

Providing a development team and project managers, you can define the web based applications required to meet your business needs. Solutions can be custom built as additions to existing products, or custom systems features can be created as needed by your business. We offer consultancy to help build solutions which best meet your short and long term goals.