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Welcome to CitNOW Group

Created to leverage innovation and help retailers and manufacturers deliver an outstanding customer experience, CitNOW Group is driven by the vision to transform the way the automotive world communicates.

The CitNOW Group offers multiple services for the various stages of customer journey. Find out about each service through our Brands & Solutions page.

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Auto Talk from CitNOW Group

Aftersales conversion metrics show stability with variations in eVHC performance

Retailers need to avoid complacency and continue to utilise technology and people at the right stage of the eVHC process to ensure they deliver the most optimal results and grow year on year.

Auto Talk from CitNOW Group

Effective stock management and strategic pricing

Retailers must focus on effective stock management and strategic pricing to thrive in this fluctuating market. By balancing sale prices and days to sell, and offering service plans or extended warranties, retailers can secure long-term customer retention.

CItNOW Group Blog June 2024

Growing your aftermarket opportunities as owners hold on to cars for longer

Recent market data highlights substantial opportunities for retailers to significantly grow their aftersales revenues by retaining a greater share of the servicing, maintenance, and repair work, particularly by targeting out-of-warranty vehicles.